Terri Heard

Public Relations & Marketing

About Terri

Meet Terri, a dynamic professional with a rare fusion of strategic thinking and creative flair, specialising in innovative marketing strategies to deliver exceptional results for homeowners.

With over a decade of experience in public relations and communications across diverse sectors including tourism, FMCG, and real estate, Terri brings a wealth of expertise to her role.

Terri is a Natural at:

● Collaborating with sellers to craft customised marketing strategies tailored to showcase the unique features of their property.

● Crafting compelling listing descriptions that captivate potential buyers and entice them to explore properties in person.

● Leveraging her extensive network of property and lifestyle media contacts to secure top-tier editorial coverage that elevates the visibility of homes on the market.

● Generating engaging digital content across various platforms, from impactful social media posts to immersive videos and targeted digital advertising campaigns.