Top Tips to Sell Your Home this Winter

1. Clean and declutter

Deep cleaning the inside of your home to showcase it at its best is a given, but make sure you spruce up the exterior too. Give your gutters a really good clean out to avoid overflow in rainy weather. Clean the windows and remove any muddy streaks to ensure you’re capturing as much sunlight as you can during the darker months.

2. Dial up the cosiness

Aim to create a warm, comfy and cosy atmosphere to help buyers envision what it would be like living in your snuggly home. Place chunky wool blankets or knitted throws on couches and beds to create an inviting feel. Turn the heating on prior to inspections so that the home is nice and toasty when people arrive. A roaring fire is also a great asset in winter.

Winter styling on point at 8 Torquay Boulevard, Jan Juc

3. Let there be light

On dark winter days, there may not be as much natural light as you’d like. In addition to cleaning your windows and pulling back curtains, make sure you turn on all lights, lamps, and pendants in your home. This will help banish dark corners and give the place a cosy glow. Painting your walls white and including mirrors in your home are also ways to brighten and open up the space.

4. Finishing touches

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Stepping into a home and being greeted by a pleasant smell from a scented candle or diffuser is a simple way to leave a lasting impression. As well as fragrance, little touches like adding potted winter flowers to your front garden or incorporating modern dried flower arrangements or vibrant green plants in your living areas all help refresh and breathe life into a home over winter.

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