On Friday 31 March 2023, we were thrilled to host a free masterclass for the community on Home Styling Tricks and Trends with acclaimed author, stylist, speaker and owner of Greenhouse Interiors, Julia Green.

For anyone wanting to channel their inner stylist but couldn’t make it along to the event, we’ve included some of Julia’s top tips, below, and a video from the event (above).  

Julia’s Top Home Styling Tips 

To discover your personal style, why not do a magazine tear-out? Buy a few home design/fashion magazines and tear out the pages with colours and looks that appeal to you the most. This will help you determine a colour palette/style that you can build on throughout your home. 

Start with art. Yep, you read right. When styling a room from scratch, hang artwork you love in the space first. You can then draw colours and textures from the artwork to incorporate into the rest of the room.  

You don’t need to blow your bank account to achieve a beautiful and inviting look and feel. Treasured items, like your grandfather’s WW1 flag, can be displayed as art. You can also find unique pieces, such as rugs, vases and furniture at places like the Mill Market or Facebook Marketplace. 

Texture is key. Especially when you’re styling monochrome or neutral/coastal/scandi style homes. You can have a completely white room but by adding different textures, eg. a leather chair, a boucle cushion, a stone coffee table and a woven rug, you’re creating interest and layers. 

Don’t be afraid of colour. Choose colours that make you FEEL good. Why not paint your bedroom wall olive green or blush pink? Don’t just paint one “feature wall” (they belong in the ‘80s!) instead, take the colour over the ceiling. Download the Pantone App for advice on which colours best complement each other. Eg. Duck egg blue pairs nicely with on-trend terracotta. 

Height and Scale. When in doubt, larger is better than smaller. And when styling shelves and benchtops, remember: Bell curve. The brain gets bored of things that are symmetrical or in a straight line, so place your items in uneven groups (3, 5) with smaller and larger items forming the shape of a bell curve. 

Greenery, aka “proof of life”, should be included in EVERY room of the home. Yep, even the laundry. Not only does greenery add colour/texture/interest, but it also helps purify the air and remove odours (important for teenage boys’ bedrooms!).

Above all things, your home should be a space that’s uniquely you and that makes you (and others who live there) feel good! 

Julia was quick to point out that styling your home for sale is an entirely different ball game. If you need advice on preparing your home for sale, check out our blog ‘12 things to do before you sell your home on the Surf Coast’ or give our team a call on 5261 4711.